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Long time no Post….an update.

Hello cherished readership, A quick update on myself.  I’m interning at Fitch Ratings for their Sovereign Ratings Group, focused on LATAM. I’m looking forward to this wonderful opportunity to build on my independent research at RCS Investments and Rational Capitalist Speculator. To … Continue reading

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My “Why?”

Today’s world is highly interconnected.  The inexorable drive towards globalization; exemplified by a proliferation of international trade agreements; exponential advances in technology and resulting productivity, epitomized by internet-on-demand and seamless interconnectivity in global supply chains, a few of many examples; … Continue reading

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Europe & the Future of International Relations

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Updates from Rational Capitalist Speculator

– Monti under fire as crisis deepens – Tankan Survey Dips – Here are some bearish thoughts – Sentiment Update +- Technicals and Economic Data Ahead + Midwest Manufacturing is Booming + Manufacturing Remains Healthy —————————————

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Macro Outlook Remains Ambiguous

The macro picture remains ambiguous.  Outperformance from the U.S economy and the prospect of worldwide loosening monetary policy remains counterbalanced with a worsening Eurozone crisis and a slowing global economy.  This confluence of factors will likely yield increased volatility as … Continue reading

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The Stakes are High. A Resolution is Forthcoming.

Overall, U.S. economic activity remains positive. The primary debate among investors centers around a possible U.S. decoupling and positive U.S. equity market performance as a result.  I remain very cautious and admonish against piling bullish bets in the S&P 500.

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Happy Thanksgiving and All, but the Bulls Already Know what they Want for Christmas.

Good Afternoon and Happy Thanksgiving, Risk markets are losing their patience.  The Eurozone situation is approaching a major climax.  This is by far the most important story to follow in the coming days and weeks.  U.S. Economic data has been … Continue reading

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