My Portfolio and Investment Ideas

After numerous requests for my current portfolio breakdown, I have created a new section on the right of the front page displaying these items.  Note that percentages under Bullish or Bearish Investments in “My Portfolio Breakdown” is made up of a combination of the below “Investment Ideas”.

UPDATE: Below is a breakdown of the portfolio in an effort to have historical record of the changes.

My Portfolio Breakdown

+ 17%: Bullish Investments

+ 50%: Neutral (Cash)

+ 34%: Bearish Investments

My Investment Ideas

Bullish Investments

Long Alternative Energy (FAN, TAN)

Long Commodities (IYM)

Long Transports (IYT)

Long Manufacturing (DIA)

Long China Consumer (CHIQ)


Bearish Investments 

ShortCommodities (DDP)

ShortS&P 500 (SH)

Short Consumer Discretionary (Short XLY)

Short Emerging Markets (EUM)

Short Developed Markets (DPK)

Short Financials (SEF)

Long US Dollar (DXY)

Long 10-yr Treasuries (DTYL)


Report Updated: 8/6/11

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