Democracy Under Attack?

We have gone though an unprecedented period of uncertainty and fear.  Systems of belief have been under attack as this recession seems to have found their every flaw.  A while back, my mind was blown when I read many pundits wondering aloud about Capitalism as a system and whether it was a failure.  Further, the recent events with Greece now show a very large flaw in the system that binds the Eurozone.

So, what comes next? I believe we are starting to see the seeds of what will turn into a questioning of Democracy itself as a viable system. It sounds insane, but think about it for a second. The Democrats are fast losing support and many politicians are now worried about keeping their states happy. The fractures are now starting to become apparent. The Republicans are gaining favor.  A worsening of this scenario will cause more and more deadlock over the passage of legislation. At a time like this, having political deadlock could be a very big problem as the country would simply be letting the cancer grow. Only until the country is in dire straights would they unite as they did when the world almost fell apart in late 2008.

I believe that our country has so many intricate parts ranging from foreign policy, to supporting a climate treaty. We have economic policy. We have an ethics system (abortion etc.). In all these very profound parts that exist in our nation, there is no way that only 2 political parties can provide the voting public with the best combination of policies. It’s either one thing, or it’s the other. We need more representation of the other aspects of our nation in order to provide the public with enough options to pick the policy they think is best. Think of it as having a 401K. A plan that only offers two choices A or B (= 2 political parties) is really not doing you justice in “diversifying” your investments for the future. Neither does our political system.

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