Could this Quote Doom Bernanke?

As much as the market has risen, the economic fundamentals still do not jive with what the market is forecasting. People are now actually noticing that the market has been almost perfectly correlated to the dollar and has been for quite some time now.

The increase in global growth is not sustainable. The world still depends on the US consumer. Asian countries are intervening in the currency markets to control their currencies as they appreciate and make them unproductive. China refuses to unpeg its currency. A hidden message telling me that they cannot depend on their domestic economy to carry the baton from here.

Then this pops up, (and on a side note, this….)

If we were to head into a double dip recession, still a high probability in my view, this quote would ruin Bernanke. If the stock market does indeed head back down and billions of dollars are lost, then pundits would begin to question Bernanke’s sanity and the administrations ability to actually put the economy on more sound footing. They better hope that that doesn’t happen or they will lose control of both the House and Senate, political deadlock will ensue, and the feasibility of a Democracy as the cure-all form of gov’t will be put into question around the world.

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